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Magic Elite Shine

Detailing Kit+

Detailing Kit+

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Complete Set Includes:

Magic Elite Shine T-shirt

  • Included with purchase FREE! 

Tire Shine with Applicator-

Features and Benefits:

  • No-sling formula prevents product from spinning off the tire onto your paint while driving
  • Apply multiple layers for added shine, if desired
  • Proprietary silica technology aids in lasting durability
  • Silica increases wash-off resistance, rivaling solvent-based solutions
  • Safe for use on tires, rubber trim and bumpers
  • Makes surface hydrophobic
  • Magic Elite Shine Applicator included in purchase

Wheel Cleaner with Microfiber Towel

Features and Benefits:

  • Gently cleans tires and rims
  • Removes "blooming" - the browning on tires that occurs as a result of oxidation
  • Foam changes color from white to a dark red/brown as it removes tire contaminants
  • Can be diluted 2:1 for more delicate surfaces and to extend bottle life


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